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20 ágúst 2014

3/3 Vesfirðingurinn 2014

The first stop on our way home, was at Dynjandi
Dynjandi is the most amazing waterfall I have ever seen
So much power, pure natur, clear water

Dynjandi is located in Arnarfjörður - part of Vestfjords.

I Love Iceland, and I love geothermal spa !!
Here we found a perfect place to bath at Reykjarfjörður, in Arnarfjörður - part of Vestfjords

Perfect timing.. beautiful view !!

Driving home ** but I cannot resist the view!
. ..yes, I am taking photos out my passenger window, while we are driving home.
Thinking about, how lucky I am :) 

To have access to this amazing nature, and to have the opportunity to explore it with my grandfather
.. and my own kids and familymembers at the same time, is just a privilege!!

** I´m a Grateful Grapefruit **

Fuji x100  -  17. ágúst 2014 

2/3 Vestfirðingurinn 2014

The church at Kirkjuból - Önundarfjörður - Iceland

The young folks are taking selfies - of course :)

Ketill and my dad

Here the walk begins, approximate length 7km to Mosdalur - Önundarfjörður

We just walked on our own speed, no need to hurry, just enjoy

We Love Life // We Love Iceland !!

My dad, chilling at ancient ruins Mosdalur ** mission achieved 

..and after a lot of stories from my grandfather, and refreshments
..we walk back home

Fuji x100  -  16. ágúst 2014 

1/3 Vestfirðingurinn 2014

Location : Holt í Önundarfjörður - Vestfirðir - Iceland

Every year, my family gather together with my grandfather and his friends.
We walk in the wilderness, while he leads the folks to special places, and tells them stories of those who used to live there for a long time ago. My grandfather is an 81 years old historian, born and raised in Vestfjords. He has written books about Vestfjords, so he really knows alot about what he is telling us !

Me and my mom, took care of the kids.. 
..while the rest of my family took a walk in the wilderness of Vestfjords - Iceland. 
The first hike was too long for the youngest ones, so we just did our own adventure trip.

Suðureyri - Súgandafjörður - Iceland 
where my mom used to play, when she was a little girl.

Staður - Súgandafjörður - Iceland
Where my grand-grand father is buried.. and more of my ancestors.

This is Botn - Súgandafjörður - Iceland

Lunch at Edinborgarhúsið - Ísafjörður - Iceland

Coffie at the Gamla Bakaríið - Ísafjörður - Iceland

Chill by the ocean, Ísafjörður - Iceland

Halla Elísabet, María Pála og Magnea

Knitted Graffiti

Nice restaurant by the harbour, Tjöruhúsið - Ísafjörður - Iceland

And some fishermen arrived..

At the end of the day.. 
we met the rest of the folks, and some of them jumped into the ocean..
Everybody was glad and tired after 10 hour wilderness - we grilled lamb, and we told stories :)

Fuji x100  -  15. ágúst 2014